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Golden guidelines for parents

  • Be with your kids when they are studying their lessons – your presence is a motivating factor.
  • Be a patient listener to whatever that your kids has to express.
  • Encourage them to concentrate on their studies by your sagacious advice,timely instructions and encouraging words so that your kid won’t feel that the process called learning is a ‘task’.
  • Initiate your kid into the world of reading by telling them some bed time stories with moral lessons punctuated with incidents and characters which can open up the imaginative horizons of the kids.
  • You are a good boy/girl’ should be the comment to make them feel comfortable and they will listen to you, obey you and try to do what you want them to do.
  • Train your kids to select a hobby, help him to do it, see that they are enjoying every bit of it without getting the idea that they have to compete with somebody to do something. A free and unoppressive mind will be creative.
  • Give your kid an impression that you always have something special for your kid/and that you are doing something special for them like taking them to a park, to a cinema, to an exhibition, to a book stall and the like.