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The KIDS take the first and vital step towards learning through life skill development.

Here the kids are initiated into the world of letters through the traditional way of scribbling the first letter in the sand.

Likewise the kids get familiar with the modern way of learning through sophisticated devices like, SMART BOARDS where their world of interest is opened wide under the able and vigilant eyes of competitive teachers.


The CHILD when he/she is ushered into the LKG stream, they began to learn the art of writing as they are well-versed in the art of listening and speaking at the play school level.

Here they get the loving support of teachers who enjoy the happy moments of lines and curves.
Touch sensitive smart boards comes to their help in moulding their different skills, and the kids will be away from irritants like dust allergy and the like.

To create our vision of making our children competent enough for the future days, as a first step, we allow them to conduct school assembly, each child taking his/her turn. This enables our children to rid themselves of stage frights and other inborn inhibitations together with providing them with a chance to develop their inherent potentialities in more ways than one.