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    Learning is Important For a Bright Future
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    Learning is Important For a Bright Future
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    Learning is Important For a Bright Future

Welcome to the hallowed precincts Of Gayathri Vidyamandir


Had an humble beginning in 2000 with nine (9) kids and only one teacher, Mrs. Sunitha Shaji; under the stewardship of the funder Mr. Shaji C. Since then it has been a steady leap for Gayathri Vidyamandir, reaping laurels after laurels of academic excellence.
  • Very remarkable as we began our first LKG stream at the request of our dear parents.

  • Our first batch of UKG.

  • The new KG block construction completed.

  • The new KG block construction completed.

  • Construction of the arch entrance was completed and the roofing of the entire playground finished.

  • The campus and the walls of the KG section was decorated artistically.

  • The construction of our additional second block for KG section was completed. Now we had a strength of around 450 kids, and strictly limited the number of batches to five (5) in each section.

  • Faculty with special training in the area of English Communication was appointed.

  • Establishment of SMART CLASS.

  • Teachers are given special in-service courses to get updated with their subjects and to cope with the changing academic scenario.

  • Our Pre-school Section was getting rejuvenated with Gayathri Central School getting affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

  • Renovation of the entire campus will be completed during the academic year 2014-2015.

  • Mr. CS.Narayanan (BBA) the son of the founder took over the Director of Gayathri Vidyamandir.

Here is the zone where our educationist play the role.

Gayathri Vidyamandir is the sister concern of Gayathri Central School being governed by Gayathri Educational &amo; Charitable Trust (Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, Affiliation No. 930855). So our kids section naturally gets enriched by the vast experience and the varied expertise of an academic council headed by the founder Chairman Sri.C.Shaji, Vice Chairman Rev.Fr.Roy George, General Secretary Sri. C.Jayasingh, Treasurer Sri.G.Unnikrishna Pillai and Internal Auditor Sri.C.S.Narayanan and the school can be reached at www.gayathricentralschool.com

Mr. Shaji.C

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Shaji.C, founder and managing director of Gayathri group of educational institutions, started this institution with the sole motto of imparting value based education to the society around him.A trained postgraduate in Mathematics ….

Mrs. Sunitha Shaji


Mrs. Sunitha Shaji has constantly been the inspiration behind all the academic ventures that Gayathri takes upon herself. The co-founder has the unique distinction of having the commitment towards the cause of the school.

Mr. C.S. Narayanan

Director & CEO

Mr. C.S.Narayanan, born and brought up as the only son of the teacher parents, Mr. CS could imbibe the nuances of running an educational institution as he himself was born in a home that has been academically vibrant.

Mrs. Aashina Rajan


Mrs.Aashna Rajan, born and brought up in Delhi. She secured her MBA from Amritha School of Business Studies specializing in HR and Finance, worked as a project manager in TCS at Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.
Presently she is the Chief Coordinator at Gayathri Central School.


During the day care days the TODDLERS are set in such an atmosphere of feel-at-home with a variety of activities that simply awakens them into life through the foster-mothers. They learn while they play.

The KIDS take the first and vital step towards learning through life skill development.

Here the kids are initiated into the world of letters through the traditional way of scribbling the first letter in the sand.

Likewise the kids get familiar with the modern way of learning through sophisticated devices like, SMART BOARDS where their world of interest is opened wide under the able and vigilant eyes of competitive teachers.

The CHILD when he/she is ushered into the LKG stream, they began to learn the art of writing as they are well-versed in the art of listening and speaking at the play school level.

Here they get the loving support of teachers who enjoy the happy moments of lines and curves.
Touch sensitive smart boards comes to their help in moulding their different skills, and the kids will be away from irritants like dust allergy and the like.

To create our vision of making our children competent enough for the future days, as a first step, we allow them to conduct school assembly, each child taking his/her turn. This enables our children to rid themselves of stage frights and other inborn inhibitations together with providing them with a chance to develop their inherent potentialities in more ways than one.

For our children UKG class is the level of experience that they enter into to explore on their own. Here they became the masters of three R’s,

  • >> Reading

  • >> Writing

  • >> Arithmetic

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